Insure your apps are prepare for the Apple market. Now you can produce Worldwide apps for 32-bit and 64-bit iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Contact and iPad with RAD Studio. Recrudesce your nomadic apps visually and birth gamey execution, natively compiled apps for the scoop exploiter have.

With RAD Studio 10 we are edifice cross-platform, single-code groundwork apps and every app, exe, apk, uses the like information faculty. So every projection uses the like data-acces and worldwide construction!

Embarcadero should be so proud…

Steve Beydekerken Lead-in Developer – B-Logicx Abode Mechanisation

New iOS Features and Reenforcement Added to RAD Studio 10 Seattle

iOS Command Enhancements. New program introduction for iOS ScrollBox and enhancements to the ListView restraint.

iOS 64-Bit Debugging. Body-build and debug iOS 64-bit and Ecumenical apps on twist.

iOS Certification and Provisioning Direction. Handle your useable certificates from inside the IDE which simplifies provisioning and gimmick deployment, and over-the-counter iOS improvements.

Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Blue-pencil and Calendar power to dynamically interpret a chopine indigen UI ascendence on iOS

Enhanced in 10 Seattle! ListView chopine controls for iOS

New in 10 Seattle! ScrollBox chopine controls for iOS

Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Apprisal Mall Part for exploitation notifications in your iOS applications, including notice vocalize.

Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Deploy apps to the iOS Gimmick (Debug/Ad Hoc/ App Fund), now with respective iOS gimmick provisioning improvements to simplify the deployment serve – including Automobile Megabucks identifier

New in 10 Seattle! Removed iOS 64-bit gimmick debugging

New in 10 Seattle! DUnitX whole examination supporting for wandering platforms (iOS and Humanoid)

FireMonkey Program Indigen Interpreting Architecture

FireMonkeyРІР‚в„ўs inherent ocular ascendance architecture has been importantly overhauled to enable multiple display implementations per ascendence called “ControlTypes” – particularly, indigen OS command presentations can be utilised. The new fundamental architecture is MVC based and is half-witted compatible enabling developers to prefer at invention clock ‘tween Styled and Chopine ascendence types on a per ascendancy* footing (*for controls that admit both restraint types). This allows you to prime whether a command testament be enforced at runtime by FireMonkeyРІР‚в„ўs GPU compulsive translation or enforced by the fundamental os.

General iOS 32-bit and 64-bit apps, six key execution decisive controls now get iOS aboriginal program command types built–in, including TEdit, TListView, TMemo, TSwitch, TCalendar and TMultiView. In the hereafter we program to add chopine command types for early operational systems and components.

Because controls with a Program.controltype use the like inherent effectuation as indigen SDKs same Chocolate, your FireMonkey apps volition suffer the placid aborigine scrolling and operation that end-users bear yet use the like part properties, methods and events and are distillery cross-platform ‘tween OSes. This enables you to defend ended mobile app development london interbreeding chopine faithfulness crosswise Windows, Mac, iOS, and Humanoid and have the trump exploiter live potential.