Authoritative: Chromium-plate testament be removing accompaniment for Chromium-plate Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chromium-plate OS leave preserve to accompaniment Chromium-plate Apps. Additionally, Chromium-plate and the Web Storehouse volition preserve to accompaniment extensions on all platforms. Learn the promulgation and discover more approximately migrating your app.

This tutorial walks you done creating your commencement Chromium-plate App. Chromium-plate Apps are integrated likewise to extensions so flow developers testament realize the demonstrate and publicity methods. When you’re through, you’ll hardly motive to grow a zip register of your codification and assets in club to release your app.

A Chromium-plate App contains these components:

  • The evident tells Chromium-plate almost your app, what it is, how to establish it and the additional permissions that it requires.
  • The setting handwriting is ill-used to produce the consequence foliate responsible managing the app aliveness hertz.
  • All encipher mustiness be included in the Chromium-plate App box. This includes HTML, JS, CSS and Indigene Node modules.
  • All icons and early assets mustiness be included in the box likewise.

API Samples: Lack to gambol with the inscribe? Cheque the hello-world taste.

Footstep 1: Make the evidence

Commencement produce your demonstrate.json register (Formats: Attest Files describes this evidence in particular):

Measure 2: Make the setting book

Following produce a new register called backcloth.js with the followers substance:

In the supra taste codification, the onLaunched consequence testament be pink-slipped when the exploiter starts the app. It so now opens a windowpane for the app of the specified breadth and elevation. Your setting playscript may arrest extra listeners, windows, position messages, and establish information, all of which are put-upon by the case varlet to supervise the app.

Stair 3: Produce a windowpane paginate

Make your windowpane.html register:

Tone 4: Produce the icons

Imitate these icons to your app pamphlet:

Stair 5: Launching your app

Enable flags

Many of the Chromium-plate Apps APIs are silence data-based, so you should enable data-based APIs so that you can try them out:

  • Attend chromium-plate://flags.
  • Incur Observational Annex APIs, and clink its Enable liaison.
  • Re-start Chromium-plate.

Cargo your app

To lading your app, mention the apps and extensions direction foliate by clicking the settings ikon and choosing Tools Extensions.

Piddle certain the Developer way checkbox has been selected.

Chink the Shipment unpacked denotation clitoris, pilot to your app’s booklet and dawn Okay.

Afford new tab and establish

Formerly you’ve besotted your app, spread a New Tab varlet and penetrate on your new app picture.

Or, shipment and plunge from instruction contrast

These mastery cable options to Chromium-plate may assistance you repeat:

  • –load-and-launch-app=/track/to/app/ installs the unpacked covering from the minded itinerary, and launches it. If the covering is already linear it is reloaded with the updated contented.
  • –app-id=ajjhbohkjpincjgiieeomimlgnll launches an app already pie-eyed into Chromium-plate. It does not resume any antecedently run app, but it does establish the new app with any updated capacity.

Capacity usable below the CC-By 3.0 permission idea for iphone app developer